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Key to Cercis

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1 Flowering pedicels 10-20 mm long; flowers (11-) 12-14 mm long (measured dried, from base of calyx to the end of the longest petal)
1 Flowering pedicels 6-8 mm long; flowers 8-13 mm long.
..2 Leaves thin, dull above (sun leaves slightly coriaceous, slightly glossy above), bluish-green or yellowish-green; leaf apex usually acuminate to acute; legumes 9-14 (-18) mm wide; flowers 8-11 mm long; wing of legume (0.7-) 0.9-1.5 (-1.8) mm wide; [widespread in our region]
..2 Leaves coriaceous, glossy above, deep, rich green; leaf apex usually rounded or slightly emarginate; legumes (11-) 13-17 (-20) mm wide; flowers (9-) 10-13 mm long; wing of legume (1.2-) 1.4-2.0 mm wide; [OK and TX, southwards]
....3 Branchlets, leaves, and fruits pubescent
....3 Branchlets, leaves, and fruits glabrous