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Key to Halesia

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1 Petals united only basally, the lobes longer than the tube; fruits broadly 2-winged (and sometimes also with 2 narrow wings or ridges alternating with the 2 broad wings); leaves broadly obovate to suborbicular, 1-2× as long as wide.
1 Petals united for most of their length, the tube longer than the lobes; fruits narrowly or broadly 4-winged; leaves elliptic-oblong, ca. 2× as long as wide.
    3 Corolla 7-10 (-12) mm long, the style strongly exserted (1/3 to 1/2 the length of the corolla tube beyond its mouth), the anthers at the mouth of the corolla tube or slightly exserted; fruit obovate in outline, broadest toward the tip, strongly narrowed to the base, narrowly winged
    3 Corolla (12-) 15-30 mm long, the style included or slightly exserted, the anthers within the mouth of the corolla tube; fruit ellipsoid to slightly obovate in outline, broadest near the middle, broadly winged
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