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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SolanaceaeCapsicum annuum var. annuumBell Pepper, Chile, Pimiento, Paprika, Ancho, JalapeƱo, Cayenne, Pepperoncini, Serrano, and many othersNaturalized or persistent from gardens; commonly cultivated, rare as a naturalized species.Native of Mexico (but early spread through Central America by native Americans, and since nearly worldwide in distribution at least in cultivation). A very influential food crop introduced from the New World to the Old World, now important in various (especially tropical or subtropical) cuisines, including Hunan, Szechuan, Indian, Thai, various African, Mexican, and others.
SolanaceaeCapsicum annuum var. glabriusculumBird Pepper, Chile Piquin, ChiltepinShell middens, coastal hammocks, arroyos, other dry habitats, dry disturbed areas.FL, LA, TX south through Mexico and Central America to n. South America.
SolanaceaeCapsicum frutescensTabascoOpen hammocks, dry disturbed areas; also persistent from gardens, uncommonly cultivated, rare as a waif.Native of Andean South America. Reported in e. GA (Duncan 1985; Jones & Coile 1988).