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Key C: aquatics

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1 Plants floating aquatics, never rooted to the substrate (though sometimes stranded by dropping water levels); plants sometimes thalloid in structure, lacking clear differentiation of stems and leaves
1 Plants rooted aquatics (sometimes uprooted and then floating in the water column, or rooted in floating, peaty vegetation mats); plants always with clear differentiation of stems and leaves (except Podostemum).
..2 Leaves or leaf-like stems basal, or arising in clusters from along a buried rhizome.
....3 Leaves or leaf-like stems simple.
......4 Leaves broad, usually long-petiolate, with strong differentiation between petiole and blade, the blade margins not parallel, the blade < 6× as long as wide and > 2.5 cm wide
......4 Leaves or leaf-like stems linear, sessile or essentially so (lacking strong differentiation of a blade and a petiole), the blade margins more-or-less parallel or tapering from base towards apex, the blade > 10× as long as wide and < 2 cm wide
..2 Leaves cauline.
........5 Leaves simple.
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