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Key to Clematis, Key B: Clematis flaccida complex

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1 Plants, glandular: peduncles, sepal exteriors, and lower leaf surfaces and leaf margins stipitate glandular; stems densely puberulent; [narrow endemic of the Nashville Basin of the Cumberland River Valley of TN]
1 Plants eglandular.
  2 Inflorescence long arcuate, the flowers arching above the stem; foliose bracts positioned 1/4 to 1/2 of the peduncle length from the junction of the stem base; secondary and tertiary leaf veins never raised
  2 Inflorescence short-pendulous, the flowers hanging below the stem; foliose bracts positioned at the base of the peduncle; secondary and tertiary leaf veins raised.
    3 Lower leaf surface and sepal exteriors densely pubescent with villous and sericeous hairs; sepal exterior COLOR; pubescence entirely covering the epidermal tissue space between the raised second and tertiary veins; [endemic to limestone escarpment barrens of the Cumberland Plateau of ne. AL, nw. GA, and TN]
    3 Lower leaf surface and sepal exteriors sparsely villous; sepal exterior magenta pink; pubescence absent between the secondary and tertiary veins; [endemic to prairie remnants of the Black Belt of AL]
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