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Key to Dicerandra

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1 Plants herbaceous, annual, or a short-lived perennial; stem unbranched or with few, spreading or ascending branches in the upper portion of the plant; [s. SC, GA, AL, Panhandle FL south to n. peninsular FL (Citrus and Sumter counties); [subgenus Dicerandra].
  2 Corolla tubular, straight or slightly curved; superior lobe cucullate (hoodlike); stamens and style arching under the hooded upper lobe of the corolla, included or slightly exserted beyond its apex; filaments inserted at 2 levels within the corolla; odor of fresh plant cinnamon-like, spicy; [s. SC to s. GA].
    3 Corolla tube ca. 18 mm long, the orifice ca. 2 mm wide; leaves (15-) avg. 25 (-45) mm long, linear, the margins entire; [s. SC south through much of the Coastal Plain of GA]
    3 Corolla tube > 20 mm long, the orifice ca. 4 mm wide; leaves (19-) avg. 40 (-55) mm long, narrowly oblong, the margins often dentate; [endemic to McIntosh County, GA]
  2 Corolla funnel-shaped, the tube geniculate; superior corolla lobe a lobed, flaring standard; stamens and style exserted, the stamens either widely flaring to the sides or declined along the lower lobe of the corolla; filaments inserted at the same level within the corolla; odor of fresh plant minty; [GA and AL south to FL Panhandle and n. peninsular FL]
      4 Cymes epedunculate; flowers nearly sessile in compact verticils; pollen white to pale yellow; anther spurs obtuse to barely acute, with domes of minute hairs
      4 Cymes on peduncles 3-6 mm long; flowers on pedicels (3-) avg. 5 (-9) mm long; pollen bright yellow; anther spurs acuminate, glabrous.
        5 Leaves narrowly rhombic, 2-10 mm wide, not revolute, the margins pubescent but not denticulate; leaf surfaces smooth; cymes 3-7-flowered; corolla purplish red to vivid purple; anthers reddish brown; [extreme s. GA south into e. Panhandle FL and ne. FL]
        5 Leaves linear, 0.5-5 mm wide, usually revolute, the margins denticulate; leaf surfaces rugose, hispid, rough to the touch; cymes 1-7-flowered; corolla white to pale purple or salmon; anthers vivid yellow; [widespread in the Coastal Plain of GA south to ne. FL and s. AL].
          6 Leaves 1-3 (-5) mm wide, usually revolute; inflorescences simple or compound; cymes (1-) 3-5 (-7) flowered, the center buds of each dichasium developing; corolla tubes 6-7 mm long, visible above the calyx; corolla limb funnel-shaped, with the upright lobe appearing taller than wide; [s. AL Coastal Plain and adjacent FL Panhandle]
          6 Leaves 0.5-1 mm wide, tightly revolute; inflorescences simple; cymes usually 2-flowered, the center buds of each dichasium not developing; corolla tubes 4-5 mm long, usually hidden by the calyx; corolla limb bowl-shaped with the upright lobe appearing wider than tall; [GA Coastal Plain, inland near the Fall Line]
1 Plants perennial, woody at least below; stems with numerous erect or ascending branches from the lower part of the plant and upwards; [peninsular FL]; [subgenus Kralia].
             7 Corolla without spots; corolla tube curved smoothly; [Indian River & St. Lucie counties, FL].
               8 Plant erect, the stems not decumbent or rooting at the nodes; leaves (10-) avg. 18 (-20) mm long, 2-4 mm wide, ca. 6× as long as wide; [St. Lucie & Indian River counties, FL]
               8 Plant lax, stems decumbent, rooting at the nodes; leaves (20-) avg. 25 (-40) mm long, 10-12 mm wide, ca. 2-3× as long as wide; [St. Lucie County, FL]
             7 Corolla marked with a colored pattern of dark spots on a paler background; corolla tube sharply and abruptly bent; [Brevard, Highlands, Marion, Polk, & Sumter counties, FL].
                 9 Corolla rose-purple; anther spur > 1 mm long, papillose or pubescent with papillose-based hairs; [Brevard, Marion, & Sumter counties FL].
                   10 Anthers white; style glabrous or glabrate; [Marion & Sumter counties, FL]
                   10 Anthers lavender; style with stiff, conical hairs; [Brevard County, FL]
                 9 Corolla white or cream; anther spur < 1 mm long, smooth; [Highlands & Polk counties, FL].
                     11 Anthers bright yellow (or tinged with red); anther connective lacking glands or the glands inconspicuous; plant aroma Eucalyptus-like; [Highlands County, FL]
                     11 Anthers lavender or white; anther connective with evident glands; plant aroma mint-like.
                       12 Cymes with 1-2 flowers; corolla white (rarely pink); upper corolla lip oblong; [Highlands & Polk counties, FL]
                       12 Cymes with 2-3 (or more) flowers; corolla pinkish white, 'fading' pink; upper corolla lip ovate or obovate; [Polk County, FL]
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