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Key to Annonaceae

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1 Fruit 0.4-0.5 cm long, purple; petals 0.3-0.6 cm long; [rare exotic in s. FL]
1 Fruit 3-15 cm long, green to yellow; petals 0.5-7 cm; [collectively widespread].
..2 Carpels >15, in fruit fused into an syncarpous aggregate fruit with each carpel a visible segment; leaves < 4× as long as wide, ovate, broadest below the middle; [peninsular FL only]
..2 Carpels 1-8 (-12), free, each fruit (derived from a single free carpel) therefore simple and unsegmented; leaves elongate, > 2× as long as wide, linear, oblanceolate, or obovate, broadest near the middle or towards the apex; [collectively widespread]
....3 Receptacle strongly domed; petals of 2 dissimilar series; outer petal series with a saccate base; peduncle bearing bracts; shrubs to trees, mature (flowering) plants 2-110 dm tall; [collectively widespread, including peninsular FL]
....3 Receptacle flat; petals of 2 similar series; outer petal series lacking a saccate base; peduncle lacking bracts; mature (flowering) plants to 2 dm tall; [peninsular FL (Charlotte, Lee, Orange, Volusia counties)]
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