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Eleocharis olivacea Torrey var. reductiseta (Schuyler & Ferren) Schuyler & Ferren. Hab: Tidal rivers draining from the NJ pine barrens. On sand, gravel, or mud-covered sands of freshwater to slightly brackish intertidal zones of rivers. Dist: Endemic to s. NJ (as far as is known).

Origin/Endemic status: Endemic

Taxonomy Comments: Some authors (Menapace 1993), prefer a broader concept of Eleocharis ser. Maculosae Svenson, only recognizing two varieties of E. flavescens, citing difficulty in delimiting varieties within this larger species complex, and placing E. olivacea Torr. as a variety of E. flavescens (Gleason 1991; Menapace 1993). Numerous synonyms have been published in an attempt to categorize the broad variation in this complex. Broadly defined, E. flavescens (syn. E. flaccida sensu Svenson 1929) has purplish-brown to black achenes, while E. olivacea (E. olivacea sensu Svenson 1929) has more olivaceous-colored achenes. Eleocharis praticola Britton is described as having 5-7 retrorsely barbed bristles shorter than the lustrous, dark brown achenes, with the type (A. Fredholm 5820) from Osceola County, FL (Small 1903) to having coarse, obscurely-toothed bristles shorter than the lustrous black achenes (Svenson 1929, who cites the same type from Osceola County). Confusingly, an isolectotype of E. praticola exists, but may share sheets with a different specimen (and species?) collected in Ft Myers, Lee County, FL (Miss Jeanette P. Standley 29); however, a legitimate isotype does appear to be housed at the Gray Herbarium (A. Fredholm 5820). It appears that the description of E. praticola in Small (1903) does not refer to E. olivacea var. reductiseta, given its apparent presence of retrorsely barbed bristles apparently about 2/3 the length of the achene, and instead may more closely refer to E. flavescens, given its apparent dark-brown achenes (vs. typically olivaceous achenes of E. olivacea). Ferren and Schuyler (1974; 1980) do not describe the color of achenes for E. olivacea var. reductiseta, but instead provide the basis for this taxon on the shorter, barbless bristles.

Synonymy: = K1; < Eleocharis flavescens (Poir.) Urb. var. olivacea (Torr.) Gleason – C, FNA23, G, K4; < Eleocharis olivacea Torr. – F, WH3

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Wetland Indicator Status:

  • Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: OBL (taxonomic split from wetland indicator species)
  • Great Plains: OBL (taxonomic split from wetland indicator species)
  • Midwest: OBL (taxonomic split from wetland indicator species)
  • Northcentral & Northeast: OBL (taxonomic split from wetland indicator species)

Heliophily: 9

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