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*Viola inconspicua Blume. Section: Plagiostigma. Subsection: Patellares. Asian Wedgeleaf Violet. Phen: Chasmogamous flower Nov-Apr; chasmogamous fruit Dec-May (-Sep); cleistogamous fruit Jan-Dec. Hab: Disturbed areas, parking lots, gardens, increasingly appearing in natural areas. Dist: Native of e. Asia. Probably considerably more widespread than currently mapped, spreading rapidly in nursery material.

ID notes:This species and others most similar to it belong to the predominately Asian subsect. Patellares, which consists of acaulescent nonstoloniferous violets with stipules at least half adnate to their petioles, somewhat to very elongate spurs, and mostly violet to purple corollas. Three species in the subsection that are introduced in or near our region, including this one, have leaf blades longer than broad. This species differs from V. japonica in its glabrous foliage, proportionally shorter petioles, shorter spur, and densely bearded lateral petals. It is distinct from V. patrinii in lacking broad wings on the proportionally longer petioles, and in its violet to purple corolla.

Origin/Endemic status: E. and se. Asia

Synonymy: = FoC, K4, Ballard, Kartesz, & Nishino (2023); = n/a – Fl2, FNA6, RAB, S, WH3

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