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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BrassicaceaeCakile constrictaGulf Coast Sea-rocketBeaches, coastal sands.Panhandle FL west to TX.
BrassicaceaeCakile edentulaNortheastern Sea-rocketBeaches and lower dunes, at or near the wrack line.NL (Labrador) south to NC; also around introduced around the shores of the Great lakes and on various other shores around the world, including w. North America and Australia.image of plant
BrassicaceaeCakile geniculataGulf Coast Sea-rocketBeaches and shores.S. MS, s. LA, coastal TX, south to TAM and VER.image of plant
BrassicaceaeCakile harperiSoutheastern Sea-rocketBeaches and lower dunes, at or near the wrack line.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic: e. NC south to the east coast of c. peninsular FL.image of plant
BrassicaceaeCakile lacustrisGreat Lakes Sea-rocketLake beaches.Shores of the Great Lakes (ON, IL, IN, MI, NY, n. OH, nw. PA, WI).image of plant
BrassicaceaeCakile lanceolata ssp. fusiformisBeaches.Peninsular FL; LA; Mexico (YUC and ROO) and Central America (Belize).
BrassicaceaeCakile lanceolata ssp. lanceolataSouthern Sea-rocket, Porkbush, 'Gardena'Beaches.S. FL; West Indies.image of plant
BrassicaceaeCakile lanceolata ssp. pseudoconstrictaBeaches, coastal sands.FL, AL, LA, TX, TAM.
BrassicaceaeCakile maritima ssp. maritimaEuropean Sea-rocketBeaches, at or near the wrack line.Native of Europe. The NC location was on ballast at Wilmington, and is apparently not persistent; locations in VA and northwards are well-established.image of plant

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