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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeCallirhoe alcaeoidesPale Poppy-mallow, Plains WinecupCalcareous prairies, glades, and other open habitats.E. NE south through e. and OK to c. TX; disjunct and scattered eastward in IA, MO, AR, nw. LA, IL, s. IN, c. KY, c. TN, and c. AL (Dorr 1990).image of plant
MalvaceaeCallirhoe bushiiBush's Poppy-mallowPrairies, glades, bottomland forests.Sw. IA south through MO and e. KS to AR and OK.
MalvaceaeCallirhoe digitataWinecup, Fringed Poppy-mallow, Finger Poppy-mallowPrairies and calcareous glades.MO, and se. KS south to nw. LA and s. OK.image of plant
MalvaceaeCallirhoe involucrata var. involucrataPurple Poppy-mallowUpland prairies, disturbed areas.IL, sw. MN, NE, and WY south to AR, nw. LA, TX, and ne. NM; adventive eastwards at isolated locations.image of plant
MalvaceaeCallirhoe involucrata var. linearilobaGrasslands and open woodlands on gravelly or sandy soil, disturbed areas, roadsides.KS and CO south through OK, NM, and TX to Mexico.
MalvaceaeCallirhoe leiocarpaTall Poppy-mallow, Tall WinecupPrairies, roadsides, oak woodlands.Se. KS south through OK to s. TX.
MalvaceaeCallirhoe papaverWoods Poppy-mallowLongleaf pine woodlands, dry hammocks, glades, barrens, prairies, forest openings.N. peninsular FL, Panhandle FL, and sw. GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009) west to e. TX and s. AR (Dorr 1990).image of plant
MalvaceaeCallirhoe pedataPalmleaf Poppy-mallowPrairies, open woodlands, and (eastwards, in nw. GA) occasionally mowed roadside and adjacent powerline right-of-way, with other species of calcareous prairie habitats, one occurrence recorded to date.W. AR and OK, south to sc. TX; disjunct in nw. GA.image of plant
MalvaceaeCallirhoe triangulataSand Poppy-mallow, Clustered Poppy-mallowLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy scrub, and other dry, open habitats.Sc. NC south to GA (and n. FL?), and west to ec. MS; also sw. WI and ne. IA south to s. IN, s. IL, and se. MO.image of plant

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