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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeDesmanthus acuminatusSharp-pod BundleflowerGravelly or sandy open areas.C. TX south to coastal se. TX.
FabaceaeDesmanthus brevipesDwarf Bundle-flowerPost oak or juniper woodlands, prairies, and along roadsides, most commonly found on sandy or gravelly soils but also on calcareous and clay soils.Sw. LA west along the coast to s. TX.
FabaceaeDesmanthus illinoensisCommon Bundleflower, Prairie MimosaPrairies, open woodlands, barrens, marsh edges, disturbed areas.OH, MN, and ND south to Panhandle FL, TX, and NM; with scattered adventive occurrences east and west of the native distribution.image of plant
FabaceaeDesmanthus leptolobusPrairie BundleflowerPrairies and open ground, disturbed areas, lawns.KS and OK south to sc. and e. TX.
FabaceaeDesmanthus leptophyllusSlenderleaf BundleflowerPine rocklands, disturbed upland areas.Native of tropical America.image of plant
FabaceaeDesmanthus obtususBluntpod BundleflowerWoodlands, grasslands, disturbed areas.N. TX south through s. TX and se. NM to Mexico.
FabaceaeDesmanthus reticulatusNetleaf BundleflowerRich, moist blackland prairies, in Tamaulipan scrub, and along roadsides in agricultural areas.C. to s. TX.
FabaceaeDesmanthus velutinusVelvety BundleflowerLimestone outcrops.Nc. TX, NM, and AZ south to s. TX and Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE).image of plant
FabaceaeDesmanthus virgatusWild TantanLongleaf pine sandhills, shell middens, hammocks, scrub, mesquital, disturbed areas.FL peninsula (north to Levy County); West Indies; nw. LA and c. Texas south through Mexico and Central America to South America. The location in nw. LA (Caddo Parish) is adventive (MacRoberts & MacRoberts 2011b).

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