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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AcanthaceaeJusticia americanaAmerican Water-willowRiver and stream beds, in shallow water, often rooted in rocky shallows.W. QC west to s. MI and NE, south to sw. GA, Panhandle FL, and s. TX; COA and CHH.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia angustaPineland Water-willow, Narrowleaf Water-willowPond-cypress depressions, roadside ditches, pine savannas.Se. GA (Camden and Charlton counties) (Sorrie 1998b; Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009) south to s. FL.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia brandegeeanaShrimp-plantDisturbed areas.Native of Mexico.
AcanthaceaeJusticia comataMarsh WaterwillowDisturbed wetlands.Native of tropical America.
AcanthaceaeJusticia cooleyiCooley’s Water-willow, Cooley’s JusticiaCalcareous hammocks.Endemic to nc. peninsular FL (Lake, Sumter, and Hernando counties).image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia crassifoliaPine flatwoods, cypress ponds.Endemic to FL Panhandle.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia lanceolataSwamps, marshes.Se. GA west to TX, north in the Mississippi Embayment to s. IL, s. IN, w. KY.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia ovataCoastal Plain Water-willow, Loose-flower Water-willowSwamps, marshes.S. VA south to c. peninsular FL, Panhandle FL, and se. AL; s. IL.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia pectoralisFresh-cutDisturbed areas.Native of tropical America.
AcanthaceaeJusticia pilosellaHairy TubetongueRocky and gravelly soils in chaparral.Nc., se., and w. TX and NM to n. Mexico.image of plant
AcanthaceaeJusticia runyoniiRunyon's Water-willowMargins of and openings within subtropical woodlands or thorn shrublands on calcareous, alluvial, silty or clayey soils derived from Holocene silt and sand floodplain deposits of the Rio Grande Delta; can be common in narrow openings such as those provided by trails through dense ebony woodlands and is sometimes restricted to microdepressions.S. TX and n. Mexico.
AcanthaceaeJusticia spicigeraMohintle, Mexican-honeysuckleDisturbed areas.Native of Mexico and Central America.
AcanthaceaeJusticia turneriTurner's Water-willow

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