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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeLupinus angustifoliusNarrowleaf LupineFields, disturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus cumulicolaLongleaf pine sandhills and Florida scrub, old fields, roadsides, pastures, and scraped areas, as long as the disturbance is not too frequent.Endemic to the central ridge of peninsular FL.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus diffususBlue Sandhill LupineLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy roadsides.Se. NC south to s. FL, west to s. MSimage of plant
FabaceaeLupinus luteusYellow LupineDisturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe.
FabaceaeLupinus perennis var. gracilisSouthern Sundial LupineLongleaf pine sandhills and sandy or dry rocky roadsides.E. GA (immediately across the Savannah River from SC), south to n. FL and west to s. AL.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus perennis var. perennisNorthern Sundial LupineLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy roadsides, other dry (and usually sandy and nutrient-poor) habitats.ME west to MN, south to n. SC, w. VA, e. WV, IN, and IL.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus villosusPink Sandhill LupineLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy roadsides and disturbed areas.Se. NC south to n. FL, west to se. LA.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus westianusGulf Coast LupineCoastal dunes, longleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to Panhandle FL.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus subcarnosusTexas BluebonnetOpen, sandy habitats, roadsides.W. LA west to c. and s. TX.image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus texensisTexas BluebonnetPrairies, roadsides.Native of TX and adjacent states. Sw. AR and se. OK south to s. LA, s. and w. TX, and Mexico (COA, NLE, and TAM).image of plant
FabaceaeLupinus aridorumFlorida scrub.Endemic to c. FL peninsula
FabaceaeLupinus species 1Xeric sands.FL peninsula, north to Lake County (Atchison et al. 2014)
FabaceaeLupinus species 2{add info}
FabaceaeLupinus polycarpusSmall-flowered LupineRoadside bank.Native of w. North America.
FabaceaeLupinus polyphyllus var. polyphyllusBlue-pod LupineRoadsides, disturbed areas.Native of w. North America.image of plant

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