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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeUrochloa adspersaMoist, sunny, disturbed areas, coastal strands, rockland hammock edges, shell middens.Native of s. FL, the West Indies, Mexico (YUC), and Argentina. Reported as adventive from AL, FL peninsula and Panhandle (FNA), and chrome ore piles in Newport News, VA (Reed 1964)image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa arizonicaArizona SignalgrassDisturbed areas.TX coast, w. TX, s. NM, AZ, and s. CA south through Mexico.
PoaceaeUrochloa arrectaAfrican Signalgrass, TannergrassPlanted as forage and established and escaped into disturbed marshes, ditches, and wet pastures.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa brizanthaPalisade SignalgrassPastures, disturbed areas.Native of tropical Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa ciliatissimaFringed SignalgrassSandy prairies, other rocky or sandy open areas.Nw. AR and OK south to s. TX, se. NM, and n. Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM, VER).
PoaceaeUrochloa deflexaGuinea MilletDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa fusca var. reticulataBrowntop SignalgrassDisturbed areas.OK and AZ south through TX, south through Mexico to tropical America; eastwards as an adventive.image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa humidicolaKoronivia Grass, Creeping Signal-grass, HumidicolaCultivated, escaped locally.Native of tropical Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa mosambicensisMozambique Liverseed-grassDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa muticaPara-grassWet disturbed areas, margin of ponds.Native of Africa.image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa oligobrachiataWeak Signal Grass"Roadside muck".Native of w. Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa panicoidesLiverseed GrassPlanted as a forage grass.Native of s. Africa.
PoaceaeUrochloa piligeraHairy SignalgrassRoadsides.Native of Australia. Reported for Escambia County in the FL Panhandle (Kunzer et al. 2009) and Lee County, Georgia (Zomlefer et al. 2018). Reported for Lexington and Richland counties, SC (Bradley et al. [in prep.]).image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa plantagineaAlexander GrassDisturbed areas.Native of the Neotropics. Reported for s. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), as Brachiaria plantaginea, and for Escambia County in the FL Panhandle (Kunzer et al. 2009).image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa platyphyllaBroadleaf Signal-grassEdges of agricultural fields, other disturbed wet or seasonally moist areas.Apparently native of South America. E. NC south to FL, west to TX, north in the interior to AR, OK, and se. MO; also in MD and DE (Longbottom, Naczi, & Knapp 2016; Terrell & Reveal 1996).image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa pubigeraOn ballast, presumably only historical.
PoaceaeUrochloa ramosaBrowntop Millet, Dixie SignalgrassDisturbed areas.Native of tropical Africa and Asia. This species has been widely planted for wildlife food and erosion control in the southeastern states.image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa reptansSprawling SignalgrassDisturbed areas.Native of the Neotropics and Paleotropics.image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa subquadriparaSmall-flowered Alexander Grass, Tropical Liverseed GrassDisturbed upland areas.Native of tropical and subtropical Asia.image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa texanaTexas Millet, Texas SignalgrassEdges of agricultural fields, other disturbed areas, gardens.Native of TX. OK, NM, and AZ south to TX and Mexico. First reported for SC by Hill & Horn (1997). Apparently spreading in eastern North America. Reported as "new to DE and spreading in MD" by Longbottom, Naczi, & Knapp (2016).image of plant
PoaceaeUrochloa villosaHairy SignalgrassReported from chrome ore piles in Newport News, VA (Reed 1964).Native of tropical Asia and Africa.

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