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Key to Descurainia

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1 Silique 10-25 (-30) mm long, acute to acuminate, the seeds mostly in 1 row
1 Silique 5-10 (-13) mm long, obtuse or clavate, the seeds mostly in 2 rows.
  2 Leaves densely gray-canescent; angle between fruiting pedicels and rachis ca. 75 degrees; pedicels glandular-puberulent, 6-12 mm long; plants 2-5 dm tall; [primarily of the Coastal Plain]
  2 Leaves glabrous or glabrescent; angle between fruiting pedicels and rachis ca. 45 degrees; pedicels glabrous, 6-16 mm long; plants 3-7 dm tall; [primarily of the Mountains and Piedmont, rarely weedy in the Coastal Plain].
    3 Stems moderately to densely glandular and pubescent (but not canescent); siliques 5-10 (-12) mm long; pedicels 8-16 mm long
    3 Stems sparsely pubescent to glabrous; siliques 8-12 mm long; pedicels 6-12 mm long
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