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Key to Richardia

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1 Mericarps smooth; corolla 4-lobed; [section Asterophyton]
1 Mericarps either conspicuously and densely hispidulous to strigose or papillose to tuberculate; corolla 6-lobed; [section Richardia].
  2 Stems hirsute, generally densely and evenly so from tip to base; adaxial leaf surface evenly strigose; mericarps conspicuously and densely hispidulous to strigose, the adaxial face broad, with a pronounced median keel; perennial from a woody rhizome (or annual)
  2 Stems hirsute or villous near the tips, but progressively more sparsely so to glabrate toward the base; adaxial leaf surface glabrous to strigillose near the margins only, the median portion of the leaf blade glabrous; mericarps papillose to tuberculate, the adaxial surface closed to a narrow groove; annual.
    3 Corolla (8-) 12-20 (-25) mm long, pink to lilac; mericarp papillae blunt and rounded; [FL peninsula only]
    3 Corolla (2.5-) 5-7 (-10-5) mm long, white (sometimes with the lobes pale pink or lilac); mericarp papillae acute; [widespread]
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