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Key to Clinopodium

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1 Flowers 1 per leaf axil
1 Flowers > 1 per leaf axil.
  2 Plant a shrub, not flowering the first year; [of sandy or rocky habitats of the Coastal Plain and Piedmont, from s. NC southward].
    3 Corolla bright scarlet, 27-50 mm long; calyx 8-18 mm long.
      4 Corolla 27-40 mm long; calyx 8-11 mm long; [GA, Panhandle FL, s. AL, s. MS, and peninsular FL]
      4 Corolla 40-50 mm long; calyx 12-15 mm long; [peninsular FL]
    3 Corolla light lavender or pink with darker spots, 10-20 mm long; calyx 5.0-7.5 mm long.
        5 Leaves ovate or elliptic, often serrate, not revolute; leaves petiolate.
          6 Lower calyx lobes with short antrorsely appressed pubescence (to 0.2 mm long) along margin and on the outer surface
          6 Lower calyx lobes with long erect pubescence (to 0.7 mm long) along margin only, the outer surface glabrous
        5 Leaves linear to linear-elliptic, entire, strongly revolute; leaves subsessile; leaf surfaces minutely and densely pubescent
             7 Leaves obovate to ovate, with 1-3 (-5) dentate teeth in the upper third, glabrous; calyx short stipitate glandular, lower lobes long ciliate; upper calyx lobes deltoid, acute
  2 Plant an herbaceous to suffrutescent perennial, often flowering the first year; [of various habitats, collectively widely distributed in our area].
               8 Stem glabrous or pubescent at the nodes only; leaves of flowering stems linear to oblanceolate; [native, of limestone glades, barrens, and bluffs].
                 9 Plant stoloniferous, bearing leafy stolons with ovate leaves; leaves of the flowering stems 1-2 cm long, 1-5 mm wide, entire
                 9 Plant not bearing leafy stolons; leaves of the flowering stems oblanceolate, 2.5-5 cm long, 5-17 mm wide, with several teeth on each side
               8 Stem pubescent; leaves of flowering stems elliptic to ovate; [exotic or native, generally of disturbed or weedy situations].
                   10 Axillary flower clusters in peduncled, contracted cymes.
                     11 Calyx 6.0-10.2 mm long, the hairs inside the throat barely or not exserted; blades of larger stem leaves 2-5 cm long
                     11 Calyx 2.8-6.0 mm long, the hairs inside the throat exserted, prominent; blades of the larger stem leaves 0.8-2.4 cm long
                          13 Whorls with 8 or fewer flowers; calyx 4.5-7 mm long; corolla 7-10 mm long
                          13 Whorls with > 8 flowers; calyx 7-10 mm long; corolla 12-22 mm long
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