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Key to Primula

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1 Corolla lobes spreading or ascending, mostly yellow; leaves hairy; [exotic waif, rarely persistent from cultivation]; [subgenus Primula, section Primula]
1 Corolla lobes strongly reflexed from the base, mostly white to pink or purple; leaves glabrous; [native]; [subgenus Auriculastrum, section Dodecatheon]
  2 Leaves bluish-green; leaf margins entire to broadly and shallowly crenate (scalloped); corolla deep pink to purple; capsule cylindrical, > 3× as long as broad, thin-walled, light brown to golden yellow at maturity
  2 Leaves green; leaf margins entire; corolla lilac to white; capsule ovoid, < 3× as long as wide, thick-walled, dark reddish-brown at maturity.
    3 Leaves cordate, subcordate, or abruptly narrowed to the petiole; seeds mostly rounded
    3 Leaves long-cuneate at the base, gradually narrowed to the petiole; seeds mostly angled
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