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Key to Arisaema

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1 Leaf with (5-) 7-15 leaflets, arranged pedately on a semicircular axis; spadix 9-20 cm long, attenuate, long-exserted from the spathe; [section Flagellarisaema].
..2 Spathe tightly enclosing the spadix, 1-1.5 cm broad when unrolled/flattened); spathe tube 2-3 cm long; spathe hood 2.5-3.5 cm long
..2 Spathe not tightly enclosing the spadix, 2-8 cm broad (when unrolled)/flattened); spathe tube 2-4 cm long; spathe hood 3-5 cm long
1 Leaf with 3-5 leaflets, arranged palmately; spadix 3.5-8 cm long, clavate or cylindrical and blunt, included in the spathe; [section Pistillata].
....3 Spathe hood oriented vertically; sterile spadix strongly clavate, bright white (resembling a porcelain pestle); spathe tube purplish black outside, bright white inside
....3 Spathe hood curved over the orifice of the spathe tube; sterile spadix cylindrical or somewhat clavate, greenish white; spathe tube variously green, white, or purple striped outside and inside.
......4 Leaves pale whitish-green beneath at maturity; spathe flange 2-9 mm broad; spathe hood underside green, or green with purple stripes; sterile spadix (appendix) clavate or cylindrical.
........5 Leaves (3-) 5-foliolate (the lateral leaflets of at least the primary leaf 2-parted or 2-lobed); sterile spadix 1-2 (-3) mm in diameter, cylindrical, gently curved outward; spathe hood underside green, abruptly acute; [s. NC and TN south to Panhandle FL, LA, and e. TX]
........5 Leaves 3-foliolate (the lateral leaflets undivided, rarely lobed); sterile spadix (appendix) 4-10 mm in diameter, cylindrical to clavate, straight; spathe hood underside purple, or purple or green striped with white, long-acute; [widespread in our region]
..........6 Spathe hood underside purple with white stripes reaching just above the spadix, with the median stripe extending farther; spathe flange 2-6 mm broad; spadix cylindrical
..........6 Spathe hood underside purple or green with white stripes reaching well above the spadix; spathe flange 5-10 mm broad; spadix clavate
......4 Leaves green beneath at maturity; spathe flange 1-3 mm broad; spathe hood underside green with white stripes, green with purple stripes, solid green, or solid purple; sterile spadix (appendix) cylindrical.
............ 7 Spathe tube strongly fluted; spathe hood underside green or purple with definite white stripes; [northern south to sw. NC and e. TN]
............ 7 Spathe tube not fluted (rarely weakly fluted); spathe hood underside solid green, solid purple, or green with greenish-white stripes; [collectively widespread in our area].
............ ..8 Plant to 1.2 m tall; spathe apex caudate to attenuate; spathe hood underside green with whitish-green stripes; spadix 3-5 mm in diameter; [e. GA south to s. peninsular FL]
............ ..8 Plant to 0.2 (-0.4) m tall; spathe apex acute; spathe hood underside solid green or solid purple (without stripes); spadix 2-3 mm in diameter; [widespread in our area, south to FL and LA]
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