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Key to Triosteum

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1 Sepals hispid-ciliate on the margins, glabrous or pubescent on the surface; longer (nonglandular) hairs of the stem 1.5-3 mm long; leaves 1.5-6 cm wide; corolla greenish-yellow.
..2 Lower leaf surface glabrous or pubescent only along the main veins; leaves averaging 4× as long as wide
..2 Lower leaf surface densely puberulent; leaves averaging 2× as long as wide
1 Sepals pubescent on surface and margins with uniform, short hairs; longer (nonglandular) hairs of the stem 0-3 mm long; leaves 4-15 cm wide; corolla greenish-yellow to purple.
....3 Most the stem hairs 0-0.5 mm long (sometimes with a few scattered longer hairs), gland-tipped; leaves predominantly connate-perfoliate, the joined base 3-9 cm wide); style exserted beyond the corolla
....3 Most the stem hairs 1-3 mm long, all or at least the longer hairs mostly not gland-tipped; leaves predominantly not connate (or if 1-3 pairs connate, then only 1-2 cm wide at the joined base); style equaling or slightly shorter than the corolla (rarely exserted)
......4 Stem pubescence uniformly of long, shaggy with hairs to 3 mm long; upper leaf surface with appressed setae up to 1 mm long.
......4 Stem pubescence of sparse long, nonglandular hairs mostly 1-2 mm long with an understory of shorter glandular and nonglandular hairs; upper leaf surface glabrous or with sparse, inconspicuous hairs.
........5 Leaves moderately hairy below
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