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Viola vittata Greene. Section: Plagiostigma. Subsection: Stolonosae. Southern Water Violet, Strap-leaved Violet. Phen: Jan-Dec. Hab: Depression ponds, Carolina bays, other wetlands lacking flowing water. Dist: Se. VA south to FL, west to e. TX; nw. IN and ne. IL.

ID notes:This species is so distinctive that it could only be confused with a few long-leaved species in subsect. Stolonosae. It differs from V. lanceolata in its rather commonly moderately to densely hirtellous foliage, summer stolons usually absent or nonreproductive with few leaves, proportionally longer and narrower linear to linear-lanceolate leaf blades with a narrowly attenuate base and denticulate margins; and from V. primulifolia in its proportionally very long and narrow leaf blades attenuate at base with denticulate margins. Preliminary examination of the few seeds available suggests that seeds in this species are smaller and darker than in V. lanceolata.

Origin/Endemic status: Endemic

Taxonomy Comments: Although this taxon has long been subsumed under V. lanceolata as a subspecies or variety, it differs in several features of foliage and summer fruiting habit, and is confined to the se. Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. The two maintain their morphological distinctions in the narrow zone of sympatry in the Carolinas and grow in different microsites there. They are maintained as distinct evolutionary species.

Synonymy: = G, S, Ballard () (in prep); = Viola lanceolata L. ssp. vittata (Greene) Russell – GW2, Il, K1, K3, K4, Tx; = Viola lanceolata L. var. vittata (Greene) Weath. & Griscom – C, F, Va, Haines (2001); < Viola lanceolata L. – Ar, Fl2, FNA6, RAB, Tn, W, WH3, McKinney & Russell (2002)

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