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Key to Brassica

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1 Upper cauline leaves petiolate, or sessile and cuneate.
..2 Pedicels and siliques widely spreading to divaricately ascending; siliques 2-4 cm long, terete or nearly so; [section Rapa]
..2 Pedicels and siliques erect and appressed to the rachis; siliques 1-2 cm long, more-or-less 4-angled; [section Melanosinapis]
1 Upper cauline leaves auriculate, slightly to strongly clasping the stem; [section Rapa].
....3 Petals mostly 18-25 mm long; beak of the silique (3-) 4-11 mm long
....3 Petals mostly 6-16 mm long; beak of the silique (5-) 7-15 (-22) mm long.
......4 Petals 10-18 mm long, pale yellow; beak of the silique usually (5-) 7-10 (-16) mm long; plant usually glaucous; siliques 5-10 cm long
......4 Petals 6-10 (-11) mm long, deep yellow; beaks of the silique usually (8-) 10-15 (-22) mm long; plant usually green; siliques 3-7 cm long
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