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Key to Fabaceae, Key F: herbaceous legumes with bipinnate leaves [subfamily Mimosoideae]

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1 Leaves with an odd number of pinnae (lateral pinnae paired, but an additional pinna present in a terminal position on the rachis); [Caesalpinoideae].
  2 Leaflets 0.9-1.6× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about 2× as many leaflet pairs (8-20) as the lateral pinnae (3-7)
  2 Leaflets 1.8-4× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about the same number of leaflet pairs as the lateral pinnae.
    3 Lower surfaces of leaflets eglandular
    3 Lower surfaces of leaflets densely glandular punctate, the glands orange when fresh and drying black
1 Leaves with an even number of pinnae (lateral pinnae paired).
      4 Coarse climbing or sprawling suffruticose herbs, the stems to 6 m long, and usually armed with retrorsely curved prickles; [Caesalpinoidaeae]
      4 Perennial herbs, less coarse; [Mimosoideae]
        5 Stamens > 10; [tribe Acacieae]
        5 Stamens 10 or fewer; [tribe Mimoseae].
          6 Petiole with 1-several glands; stems ascending to erect; flowers greenish-white
          6 Petiole without glands; stems prostrate to weakly arching; flowers pink-purple, yellow, or greenish-yellow.
             7 Flowers pink-purple; legume ribbed, the ribs with prickles
             7 Flowers yellow to greenish-yellow; legume not ribbed or prickly
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