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Key to Epidendrum

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1 Plants with aerial roots throughout stem; labellum with fringed margins
1 Plants with roots basal or only extending to proximal branches; labellum margins not fringed.
..2 Stems creeping or hanging; inflorescences distichous.
....3 Stems unbranched; flowers green
....3 Stems branched; flowers yellow or greenish-brown.
......4 Plants hanging, leaves typically concentrated throughout stems; main stems > 40 cm long; capsule 18-24 mm long with beaks 5-6 mm long
......4 Plants creeping; leaves typically concentrated towards stem apex; main stems < 20 cm long; capsule 9-19 mm long with pedicel and beak absent
..2 Stems erect; inflorescences racemose or corymbose.
........5 Plants larger, to 100 (-110) cm long; vegetative portions of stems 60-90 cm long.
..........6 Inflorescence densely flowered; flowers not resupinate, spirally arranged; labellum not white (yellowish-orange to green); sepals and petals narrowly oblanceolate to obovate-elliptic; capsule beak obsolete
..........6 Inflorescence not densely flowered; flowers resupinate, not spirally arranged; labellum white; sepals and petals narrowly linear-lanceolate; capsule beaks to 16 mm
........5 Plants smaller, to 26 (-38) cm long; vegetative portions of stems 2-23 cm long.
............ 7 Roots 3-5 mm in diameter; stems 2-5 cm in length; petiole not exceeding 1.5 cm in length; leaves distributed near apex of stem; inflorescence racemose, flowers pale green to bronze-colored; [collectively widespread in a variety of habitats, NC to FL, w. to LA]
............ 7 Roots 1-2 mm in diameter; stems 5-23 cm in length; petiole to 2.5 cm; leaves distributed throughout stem; inflorescence compact (nearly corymbose); flowers green to yellow; [sloughs, s. FL]
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