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Key to Lupinus

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1 Leaves unifoliolate; leaves and stems evergreen, overwintering (absent in midsummer); plant conspicuously pubescent.
..2 Standard with a white to creamy eyespot; hairs of the legume 1.5-3 mm long, villous or sericeous.
....3 Legumes 27-42 mm long, 8.1-8.5 mm wide; plants to 19 dm tall; living plants silvery; [of FL peninsula]
....3 Legumes 35-47 mm long, 6.3-7.6 mm wide; plants to 7 dm tall; living plants grey-green; [of se. NC south to s. FL, west to s. MS]
..2 Standard with a red or deep purple eyespot; hairs of the legume 3-5 mm long, villous.
......4 Hairs of the petioles 1.5-2.5 mm long; corolla pinkish to lavender; plants 2-6 dm tall; [of se. NC southward to n. FL, west to se. LA]
......4 Hairs of the petioles 0.5-1 (-1.5) mm long; corolla blue; plants 8-15 dm tall; [of FL Panhandle]
1 Leaves palmately compound; leaves and stems deciduous, dying back in winter; plant inconspicuously pubescent.
........5 Corolla yellow; plant annual; [alien]
........5 Corolla blue; plant perennial or annual; [native or alien].
..........6 Leaflets 5-9, linear, 5-9× as long as wide; plant annual; [alien]
..........6 Leaflets (5-) 7-11, oblanceolate, 3-5× as long as wide; plant perennial; [native or alien].
............ 7 Leaflets (8-) 11-17; leaflets 7.5-13 cm long; racemes usually 20-40 cm long; corollas 15-20 mm long; [alien]
............ 7 Leaflets (5-) 7-11; leaflets 2-5 (-6) cm long; racemes usually 10-20 cm long; corollas 12-16 mm long; [native].
............ ..8 Stem short; leaves clustered, nearly whorled; leaflets narrow, about 4× as long as wide; racemes long exserted; flowers small; [plants of e. GA southward and westward]
............ ..8 Stem elongate; leaves alternate; leaflets broad, about 3× as long as wide; racemes only moderately exserted; flowers large; [plants of n. SC northward]
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