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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RosaceaeMalus ×platycarpaBroadfruit CrabappleWoodlands, fencerows, field margins.VA south to GA.
RosaceaeMalus angustifoliaWild CrabappleForests, woodlands, fence-rows, dry hammocks, occasionally in bottomlands.NJ, PA, OH, s. IL, and se. MO, south to n. peninsular FL, Panhandle FL, and e. TX.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus baccataSiberian CrabappleSuburban woodlands, hedgerows, and thickets, frequently used horticulturally, and persisting and weakly spreading.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus coronariaSweet Crabapple, Wild CrabappleForests, woodlands, fencerows, occasionally in bottomlands.NY, ON and WI south to GA, AL, and AR.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus domesticaCommon AppleCommonly cultivated throughout, especially in the Mountains and Piedmont, and long persistent.Native of Asia.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus hallianaHall CrabappleDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands.Native of Japan.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus hupehensisTea CrabappleNative of e. Asia.
RosaceaeMalus ioensisPrairie Crabapple, Western Crabapple, Iowa Crab, Bechtel CrabForests, woodlands, fence-rows.MI, MN, e. SD, and w. NE, south to w. WV, KY, s. MS, se. LA, and c. TX.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus prunifoliaChinese CrabappleDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
RosaceaeMalus toringoToringo Crabapple, Siebold Crabapple, Japanese CrabappleCultivated horticulturally, escaping to disturbed areas and suburban woodlands.Native of e. Asia. Reported, as M. sieboldii, for Fairfax County, VA (Steury 2011).image of plant

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