Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Indigofera

Click the number at the start of a key lead to highlight both that lead and its corresponding lead. Click again to show only the two highlighted leads. Click a third time to return to the full key with the selected leads still highlighted.

1 Leaflets borne alternate or irregularly on the rachis.
..2 Stipules subulate, < 1.5 mm wide; legumes divergent to deflexed, spaced on the rachis; flowers 6-10 per inflorescence
..2 Stipules deltate to lanceolate, 2-3 mm wide; legumes deflexed, crowded on the rachis; flowers many per inflorescence.
....3 Staminal tube (3.5-) 4-5 mm long, distinctly exceeding the calyx; leaves with 9-11 leaflets; leaflets 2.5-5× as long as wide; legumes dark brown, sharply deflexed, curving slightly inwards towards the rachis; infructescence 10-23 cm long
....3 Staminal tube 3-3.5 (-5) mm long, about as long as the calyx; leaves with 5-8 leaflets; leaflets 1.2-2.5× as long as wide; legumes tan, deflexed to spreading, straight; infructescence < 10 cm long
1 Leaflets borne opposite on the rachis.
......4 Stem pubescence hirsute or pilose with long brownish hairs
......4 Stem pubescence strigose-appressed.
........5 Legume 7-9 mm long, ovoid, not falcate, indehiscent, with 2-3 seeds; corolla 6-9 mm long; [native species]
........5 Legume 15-36 mm long, linear-cylindric, slightly to strongly falcate (or straight in I. decora), dehiscent, with 3-12 or more seeds; corolla either 5-6 mm long or 15-18 mm long; [introduced species].
..........6 Corolla 15-18 mm long; legume 30-40 mm long, straight; leaflets 2.5-4 cm long
..........6 Corolla 5-6 mm long; legume 15-36 mm long, slightly to strongly falcate; leaflets (0.5-) 1-3 cm long.
............7 Legume 15-20 mm long, strongly falcate
............7 Legume 28-36 mm long, slightly falcate