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Key to Stylisma

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1 Corolla < 2× as long as the calyx; leaves < 2 cm long; [of FL]
1 Corolla > 2× as long as the calyx; leaves (at least the larger on a plant) > 2 cm long; [collectively widespread].
  2 Corolla pink or purple; filaments glabrous, or nearly so; leaves densely and conspicuously silvery-sericeous; [of seasonally wet habitats]
  2 Corolla white; filaments villous, at least near the base; leaves puberulent or pubescent, but not conspicuously silky-sericeous; [of dry habitats].
    3 Larger leaves (7-) 12-30 mm wide; peduncles with (1-) 3-7 (-12) flowers; stems with a tendency to twine, at least near growing tip.
      4 Sepals glabrous; [widespread in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont of our area]
      4 Sepals densely villous; [of s. GA southward and westward]
    3 Larger leaves 2-10 mm wide; peduncles with 1 (-5) flowers; stems without a tendency to twine.
        5 Bracteoles (2-) 10-20 mm long; stylar branches usually fused more than 5/6 of the total length (occasionally fused less than ½ of length), the free portion of the stylar branches usually less than 3 mm long; sepals villous, 4-6 (-7) mm long, ovate-elliptic with obtuse to acute apices; leaves 1-3 mm wide.
          6 Stylar branches 1-1.5 mm long, usually unequal in length, the longer nearly 2× as long as the shorter; sepals mostly acute; [of MS westward]
          6 Stylar branches 2-3 mm long, nearly equal, the longer 1.0-1.3× as long as the shorter; sepals mostly obtuse; [of NC south and west to AL; disjunct in NJ]
        5 Bracteoles 1-3 (-5) mm long; stylar branches free nearly to base, the free portion more than 5 mm long; sepals villous or glabrous, 6-9 mm long, ovate-lanceolate with acuminate apices; leaves 2-10 mm wide.
             7 Sepals glabrous (-glabrate), though the margins ciliate; leaves 2-3 (-5) mm wide, mostly 7-15× as long as wide; inflorescence of 1 (-3) flowers; corolla 18-22 mm long
             7 Sepals moderately to densely villous; leaves 3-10 mm wide, mostly 4-6× as long as wide; inflorescence of 1-5 flowers; corolla 14-20 mm long
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