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Key to Symphyotrichum, Key F: perennial asters with involute phyllaries
[of subgenus Symphyotrichum, section Dumosi, subsection Porteriani]

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1 Ray flower blades (7-) 9-15 (-19) mm long, blue-violet (rarely white); involucres (4.5-) 5.5-7.1 (-8.5) mm high; [calcareous habitats, especially glades]
1 Ray flower blades (3-) 3.8-7.5 (-11) mm long, white (rarely slightly blue or violet); involucres (2.5-) 3.1-5.1 (-6.5) mm high; [various habitats, including glades].
..2 Disc flowers (13-) 17-39 (-67); ray flowers (10-) 16-28 (-38); involucres (2.5-) 3.5-5.1 (-6.5) mm high.
....3 Stems sparsely to densely hirsute; leaves pilose
....3 Stems glabrous to glabrate; leaves glabrous to glabrate
..2 Disc flowers 5-17 (-28); ray flowers 7-17 (-23); involucres (2.7-) 3.1-4.1 (-4.9) mm high.
......4 Stems glabrous or glabrate; plants 1-4 (-5) dm tall; upper stem leaves lacking axillary fascicle shoots; [serpentine and diabase barrens of Piedmont of e. PA, e. MD, and nc. NC]
......4 Stems sparsely to densely hairy with short pubescence; plants 3-10 dm tall; upper stem leaves with axillary fascicle shoots; [prairies, woodlands, barrens, and glades of n. IL and n. IA south to n. AR and ne. OK]
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