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Key to Fabaceae, Key F: herbaceous legumes with bipinnate leaves [subfamily Mimosoideae]

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1 Leaves with an odd number of pinnae (lateral pinnae paired, but an additional pinna present in a terminal position on the rachis); [Caesalpinoideae].
..2 Leaflets 0.9-1.6× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about 2× as many leaflet pairs (8-20) as the lateral pinnae (3-7)
..2 Leaflets 1.8-4× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about the same number of leaflet pairs as the lateral pinnae.
....3 Lower surfaces of leaflets eglandular
....3 Lower surfaces of leaflets densely glandular punctate, the glands orange when fresh and drying black
1 Leaves with an even number of pinnae (lateral pinnae paired).
......4 Coarse climbing or sprawling suffruticose herbs, the stems to 6 m long, and usually armed with retrorsely curved prickles; [Caesalpinoidaeae]
......4 Perennial herbs, less coarse; [Mimosoideae]
........5 Stamens > 10; [tribe Acacieae]
........5 Stamens 10 or fewer; [tribe Mimoseae].
..........6 Petiole with 1-several glands; stems ascending to erect; flowers greenish-white
..........6 Petiole without glands; stems prostrate to weakly arching; flowers pink-purple, yellow, or greenish-yellow.
............ 7 Flowers pink-purple; legume ribbed, the ribs with prickles
............ 7 Flowers yellow to greenish-yellow; legume not ribbed or prickly
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