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Key to Callirhoe

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1 Calyx not subtended by an epicalyx.
  2 Inflorescence racemose, corymbose, or nearly umbellate; petals white, pink, or mauve; plants ascending, 1.5-8.5 dm tall; mericarps pubescent with simple, appressed hairs
  2 Inflorescence paniculate; petals deep red, with a white basal spot; plants erect, 5-20 dm tall; mericarps glabrous
1 Calyx subtended by an epicalyx of 3 bractlets.
    3 Calyx lobes valvate in bud, forming a point; stems erect, ascending, or decumbent.
      4 Bractlets of the epicalyx linear, 0.1-1.7 mm wide; peduncles 1-flowered; calyx lobes lanceolate, 7-15.4 mm long; mericarps indehiscent; leaves cordate or ovate in outline, palmately deeply divided into 5-7 lobes
      4 Bractlets of the epicalyx obovate, 2.5-4.6 mm wide; peduncles several-flowered; calyx lobes deltoid, 2-5 (-6.5) mm long; mericarps dehiscent; leaves triangular, not lobed or only slightly so
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