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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeSenna alataEmperor's Candlesticks, Candlestick PlantDisturbed areas.Native of tropical America. Planted and slightly naturalized from s. AL and FL west to OK and TX.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna corymbosaArgentine SennaCultivated as an ornamental, rarely persistent or spreading to disturbed areas.Native of South America. Reported for AL (Diamond & Woods 2009).image of plant
FabaceaeSenna hebecarpaNorthern Wild SennaOpen wet habitats, moist forests.MA and s. NH west to s. WI, south to sc. NC, e. TN, s. IN, and c. IL.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna marilandicaMaryland Wild SennaDry to moist forests, especially on greenstone and diabase barrens and rocky woodlands, thickets, woodland borders, sometimes somewhat weedy.S. MA and s. NY west to e. NE, south to Panhandle FL and c. TX.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna obtusifoliaSicklepod, CoffeeweedFields (especially soybean fields), disturbed areas.Probably native of the New World Tropics. The species is now pantropical.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna occidentalisCoffee SennaDisturbed places.Native of the Old World Tropics. The species is now pantropical.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna septemtrionalisDisturbed areas.Native of the tropics, probably originally from tropical America, perhaps not truly established, though Isely (1990) states that "the weedy nature of this species suggests that it is almost certainly somewhat established."image of plant
FabaceaeSenna ligustrinaPrivet Wild SennaHardwood hammocks, wet disturbed habitats.N. peninsular FL south to s. FL; Central America; West Indies.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna bauhinioidesScrub, roadsides, disturbed areas; eastwards as a waif on ore piles.S. TX, NM, and AZ south to n. Mexico.
FabaceaeSenna durangensis var. iselyiMesquital.S. TX and nearby Mexico.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna lindheimerianaLindheimer's Senna, Pata de BueyStony hillsides, washes.Se., s.c, and w. TX, NM, AX south to c. Mexico.
FabaceaeSenna chapmaniiBahama Senna, Chapman’s SennaPine rocklands, rockland hammocks, dunes.S. peninsular FL; Bahamas; Cuba.
FabaceaeSenna pumilioPygmy SennaRocky limestone soils.TX south into Mexico.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna roemerianaTwo-leaf SennaLimestone outcrops.OK and NM south through TX to Mexico.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna atomariaFlor de San JoseDisturbed areas.Native of tropical America.
FabaceaeSenna pendula var. glabrataValamuertoDisturbed areas.Native of South America (mainly Brazil).
FabaceaeSenna species 1Nash’s Coffee SennaSwamps.Apparently endemic to c. peninsular FL.
FabaceaeSenna pendula var. advenaDisturbed areas.Native of the West Indies, Central America, and n. South America.
FabaceaeSenna siameaKassodtreeCultivated and possibly establishing.Native of se. Asia.
FabaceaeSenna surattensisGlossy ShowerDisturbed areas, hammocks, swamps, coastal strands.Native of se. Asia and n. Australia.image of plant
FabaceaeSenna angustisiliquaDisturbed areas.Native of Hispaniola.
FabaceaeSenna spectabilis var. spectabilisWhitebark Cassia, Spectacular SennaCultivated, perhaps persistent in suburban and urban areas.Native of tropical America.
FabaceaeSenna bicapsularisNative of Central America and n. South America.
FabaceaeSenna italicaPort Royal SennaWaif on ore piles.Native of tropical Asia and Africa.

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