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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CampanulaceaeLobelia amoenaSouthern LobeliaMarshes, streambanks, seeps, floodplain forests.W. NC and e. TN south through w. SC to c. GA and ec. AL; disjunct in FL Panhandle and Coastal Plain of GA and SC.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia apalachicolensisApalachicola LobeliaWet pine flatwoods, seepage areas, roadside ditches.Endemic to Franklin, Leon, Liberty, and Wakulla counties, FLimage of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia appendiculataPale LobeliaPinelands, prairies, roadsides, calcareous prairies, oak-hickory woodlands, pine flatwoods, loess plains grassland remnants, usually in mesic or dry soils; also in roadsides and pastures.AR and se. KS south to LA and TX; disjunct east of the Mississippi in c. AL, MS, and e. LA.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia batsoniiStreamhead LobeliaWet streamheads, white cedar swamps, and seepage slopes.Endemic to the Fall-line Sandhills Region of NC and SC.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia berlandieriBerlandier's LobeliaAlong streams, other moist sites.S. and se. TX south to s. Mexico.
CampanulaceaeLobelia boykiniiBoykin’s LobeliaPondcypress savannas and depression meadows.NJ and DE south to w. Panhandle FL, s. AL, and s. MS (Sorrie & Leonard 1999).image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia brachypodaC. and w. TX south to Mexico.
CampanulaceaeLobelia brevifoliaShortleaf LobeliaPine savannas, pine flatwoods, and bogs.Endemic to the East Gulf Coastal Plain of c. and w. Panhandle FL, west through s. AL and s. MS to e. LA (Florida Parishes).image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia canbyiCanby’s LobeliaDepression ponds, Carolina bays, pine savannas.NJ to GA in the Coastal Plain; disjunct in Coffee County (and other nearby counties), TN, and in Bartow County, GA, with other Coastal Plain plants.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia cardinalis var. cardinalisCardinal FlowerStreambanks, riverbanks, marshes, swamp forests.NB, QC, ON, MN, CO, UT, and s. CA south to c. peninsular FL, TX, and south through Mexico and Central America to Colombia.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia cardinalis var. phyllostachyaSouthwestern Cardinal-flowerCreek-banks, other moist situations.W. MO, s. NE, s. CO, s. UT and c. CA south to SON, TAB, and Honduras.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia chinensisChinese Lobelia, Creeping LobeliaTidal river banks.Reported for s. NJ and adjacent PA (Rhoads & Block 2007; Kartesz 2010).image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia dortmannaWater LobeliaPonds, shores.NL west to AK, south to NJ, PA, MI, MN, SK, AB, and OR; also in Europe. Attributions to MD are not corroborated (W. Knapp, pers. comm., 2015).
CampanulaceaeLobelia elongataLongleaf LobeliaRiver and stream margins, floodplain forests, marshes, tidal marshes, bogs, pine savannas.Primarily a Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic from DE to se. GA, rarely inland onto the lower Piedmont of NC and SC.
CampanulaceaeLobelia erinusEdging LobeliaEscaped or spreading from cultivation. to disturbed, open areasNative of South Africa.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia feayanaBay Lobelia, Feay’s LobeliaOpen, moist areas.Ne. FL (Duval County) and e. Panhandle FL (Madison and Taylor counties) south to s. FL.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia flaccidifoliaDepression ponds, swampy woods along rivers and streams.C. SC and E. GA south into Panhandle FL, west to sw. AL (and presumably s. MS); disjunct in sw. LA and e. TX.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia floridanaFlorida LobeliaWet pine savannas and flatwoods, depression ponds.S. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) and Panhandle FL west to LA; disjunct in se. NC (historically). McVaugh (1936) reports this species for Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC, based on a collection by MacFarlane in 1909 (PENN). The specimen is correctly identified and there is a written account of MacFarlane visiting the site on the label in 1909, so the record is plausible.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia gattingeriGattinger’s LobeliaCalcareous glades.Endemic to sc. KY south through c. TN to n. AL.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia georgianaGeorgia LobeliaSwamps, floodplain forests, wet places.E. VA to Panhandle FL, inland to w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia glandulosaSeepage slopes, pitcherplant bogs, streamhead margins, pine savannas, pine flatwoods, margins of beaver ponds.E. NC to s. FL, west to s. AL. Prior reports from the Piedmont are erroneous, most referring to L. elongata and L. georgiana. Previous reports from north of NC are based on confusion with the similar L. elongata; 'Lobelia glandulosa Walt. was reported by Kearney (Botanical Survey of the Dismal Swamp, 1901) from "open, fresh-water marshes of Northwest River (#2378)" ' (Virginia Botanical Associates 2022).image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia homophyllaPineland LobeliaWet hammocks, ditches, pastures.Ne. FL south to s. FL.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia inflataIndian-tobaccoFields, meadows, gardens, open woodlands, disturbed areas.PE west to MN, south to GA, AL, se. MS, e. LA, s. AR, and se. OK.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia kalmiiKalm’s LobeliaCalcareous swamps.NL (Newfoundland) and BC, south to PA, e. WV, OH, IL, and MN.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia nuttalliiNuttall’s LobeliaPine flatwoods, bogs, pine savannas.NY (Long Island) south to FL Panhandle on the Coastal Plain; less commonly disjunct inland to w. NC, w. SC, KY, and TN.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia paludosaWhite LobeliaWet pine flatwoods, pine savannas, ditches, dune swales.Se. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) and FL Panhandle south to s. FL.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia pedunculataBlue-star CreeperDisturbed areas.Native of Australia.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia puberulaDowny Lobelia, Purple DewdropForests, openings.NJ, se. PA, s. OH,s. IN, s. IL, se. MO, AR, and OK, south to c. peninsular FL and s. TX.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia reverchoniiReverchon’s LobeliaBogs and seepages.W. LA and e. TX; reports from the Florida parishes of LA and MS appear to be in error.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia rogersiiMcVaugh’s LobeliaBogs, wet pine savannas.Endemic to the Gulf Coastal Plain of GA west to e. LA, rarely inland in adjacent provinces of AL.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia siphiliticaGreat Blue LobeliaBottomlands, moist forests, ditches, wet meadows, streambanks.ME, ON, MN, and WY, south to GA, AL, MS, AR, and TX.image of plant
CampanulaceaeLobelia spicataPale Spiked Lobelia, Palespike Lobelia, HighbeliaMeadows, woodlands, disturbed areas.NS west to AB, south to GA, AL, MS, LA, OK, and MT.image of plant

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