Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Simaroubaceae

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1 Leaves odd-pinnately compound.
..2 Leaflets narrowly ovate, acuminate at the apex, at least the lowermost on a leaf with prominent glands at the tip of shallow lobes along the lower margin of the leaflets; [alien, widespread]; [tribe Ailantheae]
..2 Leaflets elliptical, obtuse at the apex, lacking shallow lobes and glands; [native, of peninsular FL]; [tribe Simaroubeae]
1 Leaves simple or unifoliolate (appearing simple).
....3 Leaves < 2.5 cm long and < 0.7 cm wide, coriaceous; [of dry sites in s. TX southwards]; [tribe Casteleae]
....3 Leaves > 9 cm long and > 3 cm wide; [of wetland sites of se. TX, AR, MO, MS, FL, and GA]; [tribe Leitnerieae]